Big Thanks to the 2015 SPGC Sponsors!

July 29, 2015

spgc-15-sponsors1The Southern Peanut Growers Conference would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of so many wonderful industry friends.

From folks like Syngenta who have been top level sponsors since the start of the conference 17 years ago, to new sponsors this year like Crop Intel, these companies help defer the cost of the conference to make it more affordable for everyone to attend. Not only that, they help raise money for worthy industry causes. Proceeds from the Bayer CropScience sponsored opening Casino Night went to Peanut Proud and the Long Run 5K & Fun Run this year sponsored by Syngenta raised money for MANA Nutrition.

Please show your appreciation all year long for the fine companies and organizations listed on the side bar of the website here.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 18th annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference – wherever it might be! It will be exciting to find out the new location and we will make sure to let you know as soon as we do.

2015 Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album


Peanut Sock Hop

August 8, 2014

spgc14-sock-hopFor the first time since we have been covering this event, I left before the final dinner and entertainment this year and it looks like I missed one of the best ever!

Sponsored as always by our good friends at Syngenta, the entertainment featured a blast from the past with Rocky & the Rollers who kept everyone bopping as they played the classic hits from the 50’s and 60’s.

You seriously have to check out all the photos in the Georgia Peanut Growers 2014 SPGC Photo Album. Some great outfits there!

See you next year, peanut lovers!

2014 SPGC photo album

Peanuts and Pirates

August 8, 2014

spgc14-piratesA special event sponsored by DuPont at the 2014 Southern Peanut Growers Conference let the little peanuts be pirates while the old salts enjoyed time on the high seas.

The “Sea Dragon” Pirate Cruise is one of Panama City Beach’s premier attractions that includes an exceptional sightseeing experience of the waters, shoreline and wildlife near the entrance to St. Andrews Bay. The little peanut pirates enjoyed sword fighting, swabbing the deck, firing the “Kid cannon”, reading a treasure map, finding a sunken treasure and sharing the loot.

It was fun for all thanks to gold sponsor DuPont Crop Protection – hope they do it again next year so I can go!

Check out more photos from SPGC here – Georgia Peanut Growers 2014 SPGC Photo Album

Thanks to Blog Sponsor AgTechnologies/Trimble

August 1, 2014

spgc14-agtechAgTechnologies/Trimble has been the sponsor of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference blog here since the beginning in 2008.

“AgTechnologies is a full service precision ag provider,” said representative Robbie Tabb (pictured here, center). They are a Trimble retailer and offer a full line of precision products including guidance and variable rate systems for seed and fertilizer. “We also offer irrigation control and monitoring now, which is new for us,” Robbie said, adding that Trimble is moving forward in the variable rate irrigation area.

Robbie believes southern peanut growers are among the most technologically advanced in the nation. “We think of technology in the Midwest, but the southeastern United States has adopted more precision ag technology that just about anywhere else,” he said. “We truly appreciate their business and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

And we truly appreciate AgTechnologies’ sponsorship of the SPGC blog. See you again next year!

Listen To MP3Comments from Robbie Tabb, AgTechnologies

2014 SPGC photo album

Ag Leader Takes Peanut Growers to AgFiniti

August 1, 2014

spgc-14-agleaderThis was the fifth year that Ag Leader Technology was a sponsor and exhibitor at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference and the best so far, according to representative Tre Hammontree.

“This is the best turnout and the best traffic we’ve had,” said Tre. “Mainly they are interested in steering and they know we can go on any brand.”

Ag Leader’s new product offering this year was the cloud-based platform AgFiniti. “It’s basically a wireless product that we’ve brought out recently,” Tre explained. “Making it easier for growers to access forms and files they need in the field without having to come back to the office, and also to be able to troubleshoot in the field from the office.”

Listen To MP3Interview with Tre Hammontree, Ag Leader

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Addressing Peanut Allergy Concerns with Facts

August 1, 2014

npb-sherryLess than one percent of the overall population have peanut allergies but sometimes the concerns about the issue override the facts and that is something the National Peanut Board (NPB) is working to address.

Sherry Coleman Collins is a registered dietitian nutritionist consultant with the NPB who discussed how they are doing that. “We really have a well-rounded approach to addressing peanut allergies,” she said. “We reach out to the media to make sure they have the right information. We reach out to school nutrition professionals and we have a great new website called “” that will be specifically focused on the consumer.”

Sherry says they address concerns about casual content, being in the room with peanuts and peanut butter, and the fact that odor doesn’t cause a reaction. “We talk to them about airborne anaphylaxis, which is a bit of a misunderstood issue. Many people think that because someone has a peanut allergy they can’t even be near a peanut butter sandwich, and that’s not the facts at all.

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New Bayer Nematicide Coming in 2015

July 30, 2014

spgc-14-bayerBayer CropScience is excited about the anticipated launch of a new nematicide in 2015 called Velum Total for cotton and peanuts.

“It’s kind of a Temik replacement,” said Keith Rucker with Bayer at the SPGC. “It’s going to be a liquid in-furrow application you make at planting time. We’ve just had really good research results with this in our trials across the southeastern United States, providing good early season thrips control as well as nematode protection, and bringing some really good yields on top of that.”

Keith says peanut growers are really looking forward to the new product. “With the loss of Temik several years ago, it really left a big hole for producers really needing that nematode protection.”

Listen To MP3Interview with Keith Rucker, Bayer CropScience

2014 SPGC photo album