Big Thanks to the 2015 SPGC Sponsors!

July 29, 2015

spgc-15-sponsors1The Southern Peanut Growers Conference would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of so many wonderful industry friends.

From folks like Syngenta who have been top level sponsors since the start of the conference 17 years ago, to new sponsors this year like Crop Intel, these companies help defer the cost of the conference to make it more affordable for everyone to attend. Not only that, they help raise money for worthy industry causes. Proceeds from the Bayer CropScience sponsored opening Casino Night went to Peanut Proud and the Long Run 5K & Fun Run this year sponsored by Syngenta raised money for MANA Nutrition.

Please show your appreciation all year long for the fine companies and organizations listed on the side bar of the website here.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 18th annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference – wherever it might be! It will be exciting to find out the new location and we will make sure to let you know as soon as we do.

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Trade Opportunities with China

July 29, 2015

spgc-15-chinaEarlier this year, a group of peanut industry representatives including Bob Parker of the National Peanut Board and Don Koehler with the Georgia Peanut Commission visited China on a trade mission organized by the American Peanut Council.

Bob and Don gave an overview of the challenges and opportunities they found in the most populous country in the world during the very last session at the 2015 Southern Peanut Growers Conference. “We want to sell raw peanut to markets around the world, that’s our traditional business model,” said Parker. “But we realize with on-line commerce there’s some great opportunities for our manufacturers to sell more finished products to China.”

China is the number one peanut producing country in the world, but Koehler says it’s really not very efficient. “It’s more modern than just with the water buffalo anymore,” Don says. “But it’s still one row production in most of the areas and it’s older people doing it, the young people don’t want to work quite that hard.”

Listen to more of what Bob and Don learned on their visit to China in this interview:Listen To MP3Interview with Bob Parker, National Peanut Board, and Don Koehler, GA Peanut Commission (MP3)

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2015 Peanut Profitability Awards

July 29, 2015

spgc-15-pp-winnersThe 16th annual Farm Press Peanut Profitability Awards were presented at the 2015 Southern Peanut Growers Conference, as usual.

This year’s winners, from left to right, are pictured here with Dr. Marshall Lamb of the National Peanut Research Laboratory who serves as advisor for the awards program.

Left to right the winners this year are:

Southwest region – Anthony Reed of Oklahoma
Upper Southeast region – Brian McClam of South Carolina
Lower Southeast region – Johnny Cochran from Sylvester, Georgia

Listen to interviews from each of the winners and from Dr. Lamb by clicking on the links below:

Listen To MP3Interview with Anthony Reed, Oklahoma award winner (MP3)
Listen To MP3Interview with Brian McClam, South Carolina award winner (MP3)
Listen To MP3Interview with Johnny Cochran, Georgia award winner (MP3)
Listen To MP3Interview with Dr. Marshall Lamb, National Peanut Research Lab (MP3)

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Keeping the Farm for Future Generations

July 29, 2015

spgc-15-taylorGood financial and estate planning is important for everyone, but especially for farmers who want to keep their land and business in the family.

“Farm succession planning gives current owners and operators of farms and ranches the opportunity to really spell out their intentions and wishes and let their family understand that during their life,” said Taylor Spangler with the University of Florida, who gave some good advice during the afternoon session at the 2015 SPGC.

Taylor says it’s better for the whole family to take part in the planning during a non-stressful time and also to get the advice of experts in the field. She pointed to resources such as county extension offices and Annie’s Project, an educational program dedicated to strengthening women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise.

Learn more in this interview: Listen To MP3Interview with Taylor Spangler, University of Florida (MP3)

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Georgia Farm Bureau President Visits SPGC

July 28, 2015

spgc-15-zippyThe president of the Georgia Farm Bureau visited the Southern Peanut Growers Conference this year for the first time, appropriately since it was held in his state for the first time.

“I’m with the peanut growers of Georgia and they are very dear to my heart,” said Zippy Duvall in an interview at the conference. “We’re number one in peanuts across the country and we’re very proud of that.”

Duvall recently announced his intention to run for president of the American Farm Bureau Federation next year as current president Bob Stallman is retiring. “I’m just so passionate about agriculture and I think I can bring that to the table,” said Duvall. “The other thing I can bring to the table is that I’m really good at building bridges and relationships and I think everything in life is accomplished through relationships.”

There have been AFBF presidents from South Carolina and Virginia but not from the lower Southeast and Duvall is hoping to be the first.

Listen to my interview with Zippy here: Listen To MP3Interview with Zippy Duvall, Georgia Farm Bureau (MP3)

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Redding Honored with Valor Award

July 26, 2015

spgc-15-redding-valorEach year at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference, John Altom with Valent USA Corporation has the pleasure of presenting the Valor award to someone in the industry who exhibits the definition of Valor according to Webster’s dictionary – “strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness; personal bravery.”

This year that award went to Bob Redding, longtime lobbyist in Washington DC for the peanut industry, a job that definitely requires personal bravery to fight political battles for farmers on Capitol Hill.

Redding gave his annual legislative update to the organization with a strong emphasis on the need for growers to be involved in the political process through contributions to political action committees (PACs). “The pressure for fundraising on members of Congress grows every cycle,” said Redding. “Growers need to participate more – it is what it is.”

Redding says financial support for members of Congress is critical to keep advocates for agriculture in office. “The House Ag Committee for us has never been stronger,” said Redding. “Senate Ag Committee’s been very good for us so we feel good about where we are.”

Listen To MP3Interview with Bob Redding, peanut industry lobbyist (MP3)

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Peanut Research Future Includes Georgia Tech

July 26, 2015

spgc-15-brittonGeorgia Tech is new to the peanut research world but Doug Britton who manages the Agricultural Research Program at the university believes they are bringing a new perspective and expertise to the table.

“Georgia Tech has a great engineering and science faculty,” said Britton. “A lot of things that we develop are in manufacturing or other aspects of engineering and bringing some of those ideas, processes and approaches might be useful when we look at some of the agricultural spaces.”

That includes research into new technology such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and sensor platforms that can provides meaningful data for farmers. Britton discussed some of his ideas on the potential for both of those during the opening panel of the 2015 Southern Peanut Growers Conference on Research – The Future is Now.

Listen to my interview with Doug here: Listen To MP3Interview with Doug Britton, Georgia Tech (MP3)

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