Peanut Pickin’ Time Print is Popular

Jack DeLoney was raised on a farm and his art reflects his Southern roots.

“I paint a lot of agricultural things, peanuts and cotton,” the Alabama artist says. His new watercolor print called “Pickin’ Time” is a bit of a departure from much of his work that tends to focus on the heritage of farming in the south. “Usually they’re more of the mule-powered, older type work from the 1930s, 1940s,” he said. “This painting is very much the modern age for me and first time I’ve done a piece with this flavor.”

Jack’s new print was a hot selling item at the SPGC this year and framed copies were also awarded to the Peanut Profitability Award winners. Another copy was donated to the Casino Night effort to raise funds for Peanut Proud. All of Jack’s work can be seen and ordered on his website

Listen to my interview with Jack by clicking on the link.

Listen To MP3Jack DeLoney Interview (MP3)

13th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album


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  1. […] paintings in their home or office, nearly the entire room stood up. That was impressive! I interviewed Jack last year here at SPGC when he unveiled his watercolor print called “Pickin’ Time” for the […]

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