2010 Conference Ends On A High Note

July 24, 2010

The conference ended with a big party featuring the music of The Tams. It was a time to do a little dancing and some peanut growers jumped right in.

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Wrapping Up With Don Koehler

July 24, 2010

Don Koehler, Executive Director, Georgia Peanut Commission, helped me wrap things up for the conference. As of this point in time everyone has a free afternoon before our concluding dinner this evening. I’ll be adding some photos from that event to the photo album. You can also find another set of photos taken by Joy Carter, Georgia Peanut Commission on her photo album with this link.

Don says the conference attendance has been consistent with previous years in spite of the economy and gulf oil worries. He says farmers are all positive and that’s the best word to describe the conference. The mood is upbeat and even with some areas needing some rain. He’s looking forward to conference number 13 next year. The move to an end of the week program has been very positive so that’s likely to be the schedule next year too.

Listen to my interview with Don here:

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12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

Show Me The Energy

July 24, 2010

Showing farmers how to get involved in renewable energy was Steve Flick, Show Me Energy Cooperative. Steve thinks his participation on the program was a two way educational experience since he learned a lot about peanut farming while he was here.

Steve says they have shown that farmers can produce renewable energy on a local level and peanut farmers in the south can do the same thing. He says it will allow them to make productive use of unproductive land. He says they are in control of their own destiny. With the organizational structure that exists it’s an opportunity to learn how to build and operate a plant just like they’ve done.

Listen to my interview with Steve here:

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12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

Promoting Ethanol In The Southeast

July 24, 2010

Bioenergy was a big topic this morning with a pair of presentations. First up was Dennis Wiese, Growth Energy.

Dennis says they need to get outside the cornbelt on this issue so he was happy to have a chance to speak to farmers in the southeast. Growth Energy is an ethanol advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. He’s hoping that farmers here will get involved, especially by joining Growth Force. It’s a free membership to help advocate for renewable energy. You can hear more about what Growth Energy is working on in my interview.

Listen to my interview with Dennis here:

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12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

Ban No Peanuts Award

July 24, 2010

Providing an outlook of what’s going on in Washington, DC was Congressman Bobby Bright, AL (pictured left). He didn’t know it was coming but he was presented a special award today from the Alabama Peanut Producers Association.

The award was presented for his work on the halt of the Department of Transportation ban on peanuts in public transportation. So the award is called the “Ban No Peanuts Award.”

12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

Ag Technologies Going Wireless

July 24, 2010

The sponsor once again this year for the conference blog is Ag Technologies/Trimble. I spoke with Josh Pitts to learn what’s new with the company.

Josh says that technology has become more solutions based so they’re moving more toward implement control after being focused on guidance for so long. So they’re introducing wireless technology which will allow growers to connect to the home or to their consultant. He says that precision ag is driving efficiency and that drives profitability for farmers. All farms are different so he says they go to a farm and basically write a prescription customized for that farm.

Listen to my interview with Josh here:

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12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

New Auburn University Ag School Dean

July 24, 2010

The new Dean of the College of Agriculture at Auburn University, Bill Batchelor, joined us this morning. I spoke to him about his new position on a break.

Bill comes from an ag engineering background and sees dealing with the realities of the economic downturn as a priority for the school. He says that they have to learn how to do more with less so they’ll be looking at ways to maximize their resources. He sees peanuts contributing significantly to human nutrition as it grows in importance along with the population.

Listen to my interview with Bill here:

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12th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album