Trimble/Ag Technologies Continue Blog Sponsorship

This is the second year for the Southern Peanut Growers Conference blog and the second year it has been sponsored by Trimble and Ag Technologies. The two companies work together to provide the very latest in technology to help growers be more productive.

I spoke once again this year with Tim East of Trimble and Brian Kelly of Ag Technologies about their relationship with peanut growers in the southeast and what they offer for growers. “The peanut growers and the people in the peanut industry are great to work with,” Tim said. “Technology is a tool in the tool box. We’re trying to make the farmers more efficient to get more things done in less time.”

Brian says the sponsorship of the blog, using new media technology, is a good fit for their companies. “Using this type of technology seemed like a good synergy,” he said. “It really shows that we really are a technology group. We deal with all things ag and if it deals with technology inside that world, that’s what we do.” He says they listen to the needs of growers and bring the technologies to them and the farmers really show them how to make money with it.

Listen to an interview with Tim and Brian here:

Listen To MP3Tim East and Brian Kelly (4:30 min MP3)

Southern Peanut Growers 2009 Flickr Photo Album


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